Researcher 研究員
Hiroshi Fukuda 福田 大
Year of hire: 2019
福田 大 の写真

Mr. Fukuda is currently in charge of improving the performance of the Cassegrain antenna used in the small synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite No. 2. A large, ultralight unfolding antenna developed and patented by iQPS Inc. The antenna has attracted attention from the world's leading space industry companies. Since the performance of the antenna affects significantly the quality of images retrieved by SAR observation, he is conducting research and development to improve the performance as much as possible for the launch of the satellite next year.


Reason for choosing iQPS入社動機

I wanted to be a member of "bold and
aspiring experts, who aim to lead Japan’s
and world’s space engineering."
少数精鋭、「宇宙工学の梁山泊」の 一員になりたい。

When I was a senior university student, I participated in a project undertaken by a space research laboratory to make a satellite. I met the current CEO of iQPS, Mr. Onishi, there. He helped us implement the project of launching a satellite from Tanegashima, which made me decide to apply for a position at iQPS. Working for a large company was one of my options when I started job-hunting in the second year of my doctoral course. However, I thought that iQPS, which is developing the world's first small SAR satellite by an elite corps, would be the best place for me to be involved in not partly, but entirely in satellite development. iQPS employees have top-level experience and knowledge, which made me want to be a member of these "bold and aspiring experts, who aim to lead Japan’s and world’s space engineering."


What makes your job worthwhile?仕事のやりがい

iQPS is a great environment
in which to work with passionate
and skilled engineers.
情熱と素晴らしい技術を 併せ持つ方々と一緒にものづくりが できる最高の環境。

Working at iQPS provides me with great learning experiences every day. I really feel that I have been developing incredibly fast since I joined this company. At the same time, I am always thinking about how I can contribute to the company. The field of small SAR satellites is still so new—and one that has been engaged in by only a few companies worldwide—that little is known about it, but I am encouraged to proactively try new ideas. With skilled and experienced mentors around me, we can always quickly investigate the cause of a failure and figure out what to do next even if my first idea fails. Another benefit is working with local companies in the northern part of Kyushu as a team for satellite development. Completing a satellite requires the expertise of professionals in various fields. In addition, iQPS offers the best environment to manufacture products with people who have passion and outstanding skills.


Working environment働く環境

iQPS is a good company to work for because
different opinions and ways of thinking
are respected.
それぞれの意見や考え方を尊重して 話し合える環境もとても働きやすい。

All employees are highly motivated as they are all assigned to important roles. Everyone has different tasks, but we all work hard toward achieving a common goal, so I think that iQPS has an organization structure in which people can help each other with the utmost efficiency. With a shared goal, even if something goes wrong, we develop an action plan and address the issue together in a fast manner. iQPS also has a great environment in which different opinions and ways of thinking are respected. In addition, it is certainly rare for a startup company to have employees of various ages, from their 20s to 70s, as iQPS does. Working with decades-old industry professionals is very reassuring to me. When I see these people still enjoy working—no matter how old they are—I can feel how engaging the space industry is.


What kind of person is suited
to iQPS?

In a nutshell, I would say "a person with guts." Since we make things that move based on the nature of space, common sense as defined on Earth does not work. We do not know what is correct and what is wrong, so obviously, every day is trial and error. You are also required to work as a team player to succeed with a large project that may completely change the world.