Small SAR satellites enable near real-time
observations of the Earth
小型SAR衛星が叶える リアルタイム地球観測。

Conventional satellites cannot obtain
demanded data in real time

Most of the satellites currently in operation use cameras to take images of the Earth.
However, with current optical sensor technology, it is impossible to take pictures
at nighttime or in bad weather conditions.
Considering the fact that almost 75% of the Earth's surface is always in such conditions,
the services provided by conventional satellites are far from being true Earth observations.
We need satellites capable of observing the earth all day, all night, in any weather.


SAR realizes day-and-night and
weather-independent observation

To solve this problem,  SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) technology drew our attention.
However, existing SAR satellites generally weigh as much as 1,000 or 2,000 kg and thus require
huge antenna and a significant amount of electricity. In addition, in order to fully cover the skies,
a large number of satellites need to be launched, which requires enormous cost and effort.

夜間や天候不良時も撮影可能なSAR。 そこで私たちは、この課題を解決できる技術「SAR(Synthetic Aperture Radar)」に

World-first small SAR satellite weighing
less than 100 kg

To overcome the hurdles of electricity requirements and antenna size, we developed a large
but storable lightweight antenna. We realized an innovation that is far beyond the ordinary level,
and which can reduce the weight to 100 kg, 1/20th that of existing satellites,
and the cost to around 1/100th of conventional ones, while achieving 1m resolution.
This will be the first high resolution SAR satellite in the world weighing less than 100 kg

“世界初”の100kg以下小型SAR衛星。 こうした中、私たちは収納性が高く、軽量で大型のアンテナを開発することで

Takes pictures of almost any single
location in the world within 10 minutes

iQPS Inc.'s small SAR satellites can photograph observation points whenever needed, even at night or under
bad weather conditions. For that purpose, we deploy 36 satellites that can take photographs of almost any point
in the world within 10 minutes, and conduct fixed-point observations at particular areas once every 10 minutes.
That enables us to collect continuous images as data of stationary objects such as land and buildings.
And also allows the accumulation of observation data of moving objects such as human beings and livestock
in addition to vehicles and ships.

地球のほぼどこでも平均10分以内に撮影。 QPS研究所の小型SAR衛星は、夜間や天候不良時でも、必要時に必要な観測地点を観測することができます。

Explore the future with valuable data

The data collected by small SAR satellites can dramatically change the future.
By utilizing data on moving objects, we can find new economic values or contribute to create safer and more
secure communities. Moreover, by combining such data with meteorological, market,
economic and other data, we can predict the future value of crops
and the economy of a country or a region.
The possibilities for data gathered by SAR satellites are infinite.
By using the valuable, near real-time data gathered by small SAR satellites together with AI,
an advanced future becomes visible.

価値あるデータで未来を開拓。 小型SAR衛星で収集したデータは、未来を大きく変える力を持っています。

Quickly evaluate the situation
in times of emergency

Living in a disaster-prone country, Japan, we cannot avoid the risks of earthquakes, typhoons, serious torrential rains,
floods, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters in daily life.
Disaster can happen anytime, not necessarily during the daytime or not always on a fine day.
Particularly, in the case of typhoon or heavy downpours, satellites using conventional cameras cannot take photographs
due to the bad weather, and it would not be easy to overfly an area with aircraft or drones to check the situation.
Under such circumstances, if a number of iQPS small SAR satellites were orbiting the Earth, we could quickly evaluate
the situation at any time of the day regardless of the weather.

有事の際は迅速に状況確認。 災害大国である日本は、地震や台風、大豪雨、洪水、火山噴火等のリスクと常に隣り合わせです。

Insights enabled by iQPS small SAR satellite (example) Insights enabled by iQPS small SAR
satellite (example)


Visualization 可視化
Picture the movements of moving objects such as
human beings, vehicles, ships, cows, etc.
  • Analyze the movements and number of people to
    calculate the true value of a land or a building.
  • Confirm the navigation of a ship and analyze an efficient
    and safe route.
  • Analyze the behavior of a particular vehicle.
  • Establish a security system to cover an entire town in
    cooperation with security cameras at shops.
  • Visualize the differences between locations A and B
    in terms of the flow of people and economy when holding
    the same events.
  • 人の動きや数を分析して土地や建物の真の価値を算出
  • 船舶の航行状況を確認、効率的かつ安全なルートの分析
  • 特定の車に限定して行動を分析
  • 店舗カメラとの連携で街全体のセキュリティシステムを構築
  • A・B両地点で同じイベントを実施した場合の人の流れや経済状況
AI 未来予測
Forecast the prospects in combination with meteorological, market and economic data. 気候・市場・経済データ等との
  • Predict the economy of a country or region from its traffic
  • Predict future corn prices in a forward market from
    the growth of the crop.
  • Predict the future taste and value of wines from the growth
    of grapes.
  • Support to realize automated driving by best route selection
    and danger prediction, using accumulated data on
    the behavioral patterns of people and vehicles as well as
    changing cityscapes.
  • 交通状況から、その国・地域の経済を予測
  • トウモロコシの生育具合から、将来の先物市場での価値を予測
  • ブドウの生育具合からワインの味、将来価値を予測
  • 店舗カメラとの連携で街全体のセキュリティシステムを構築
  • 人・車の行動パターン、建物の変化の蓄積による最適ルートや