Researcher (C&DH) 研究員(C&DH)
Junichi Murayama 村山 淳一
Year of hire: 2016
村山 淳一 の写真

Mr. Murayama was in charge of the development of the OBC control program at C&DH (Command and Data Handling). He is currently operating the first small SAR satellite "Izanagi," launched by iQPS in December 2019. It takes a few months for a satellite to become stable after launch, so his current job is waiting for Izanagi to stabilize through daily communication until observation data can be retrieved in a stable manner.

C&DH(Command and Data handling)でOBCの制御プログラムの開発を担当。現在は、12月に打ち上がった小型SAR衛星初号機「イザナギ」の運用を手がける。打ち上げてから数ヶ月は状態が落ち着くまで時間がかかるため、毎日、イザナギと交信しながら、安定して観測データを取得できるようになるまで育てているような状況が続いている。

Reason for choosing iQPS入社動機

I wanted to change from a partner to a full-time
employee to devote myself fully to the project.
パートナーとしての存在から、 本格的に取り組みたい想いで社員へ。

I joined iQPS Inc. three years ago, but I have known the founders for more than 30 years. Akira Sakurai, one of the founders and a professor of hydrodynamics at Kyushu University, was looking for a person who could program software for the America's Cup, the world's greatest yacht race, in which he was going to participate. I got the job, and this is how I met Mr. Sakurai. I have known him since then, but I got involved seriously in his satellite project after I recommended to him that he use the programming language Ruby to develop small satellite control software. I was working as one of the partner companies, but I decided to close my company and join iQPS to devote myself to the project.

小型人工衛星の制御ソフトを Rubyというプログラミング言語で組むことを提案したことから始まりました。

What makes your job worthwhile?仕事のやりがい

"Expand the possibilities of space."
It is not a mere dream at iQPS.
「宇宙の可能性を広げる」、 QPS研究所にいると それが夢物語じゃない。

What I like the most about this job is being engaged in the space business, which is full of dreams yet practical. It all started about 50 years ago when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. I was so surprised to learn the spaceflight was controlled by a computer that I became interested in computers. Since then, I have been building a software development carrier and I am currently working in the space industry, which makes me feel deeply moved. It is often said that startup companies have disadvantages in terms of budgets, time, and resources to make a business successful in a short period of time. To overcome such disadvantages, we developed the latest version as open source by using existing technology, instead of making it ourselves, for more software flexibility. It is designed to be handled and moved fast even if the users have never been involved in the space business or satellites. Izanagi is drifting in space, like the network system. It is a tough job, but I am excited thinking about the future while communicating with Izanagi moving in space at an altitude of 570 km above the Earth. I would like to make an airplane that can fly to space someday. "Expand the possibilities of space." It is not a mere dream at iQPS.


Working environment働く環境

iQPS has outstanding members internally
and externally.
社内にも社外にも、 強力なメンバーが揃っている。

Often described as the "place for ambitious people in space technology," iQPS has outstanding members. It is due not only to internal, but also to external help from local companies, mostly in the northern part of Kyushu, that we can keep the project going at this speed. It is always fun to see professionals discussing with each other how to solve issues in meetings. I am over 60 years old now, so it is sometimes hard physically, but I realize that I am building a future in this company.


What kind of person is suited
to iQPS?

This company requires a fast pace and accuracy at the same time, so ideal workers would be those who already have experience in space and robot development for engineering jobs and those who have business experience and are ready to work immediately in administrative jobs. We are already a skilled team, but I am sure we are still short on some resources, considering that our business is likely to expand due to the constellation of 36 satellites planned to be built over the next four or five years. There are only possibilities available in space. I would like to meet people who want to make the best of their abilities for a new age that starts from space.