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Corporate IdentitySHAKE THE WORLD.

In the 1990s, Dr. Tetsuo Yasaka, one of the pioneers who sprinted through the genesis of Japan's space development, envisioned significant potential for Japan to make its presence felt in the world in “Kyushu”, a region with rocket launch facilities, advanced manufacturing technologies, and opportunities for space engineering education. Thereafter, he began working to attract the space industry to this land, and in 2005, together with his trusted allies, he established Institute for Q-shu Pioneers of Space, Inc. (iQPS) to ensure the thriving space industrial cluster that was beginning to take root in Kyushu would not falter.
Eight years later, in 2013, with the knowledge derived from experience, strong local connections, and unwavering ambition, the leadership of this company was inherited by its current president, Dr. Shunsuke Onishi, who is a pupil of the founder. Subsequently, Toshimitsu Ichiki, the current vice president, joined the team, leading to the initiation of a pioneering project to develop the world's first technology-equipped satellite.

Challenging into the unknown is not something that can be accomplished in just single generation alone. Throughout history, humanity has advanced science and technology across multiple generations. Precisely that is why the inheritance of knowledge and passion is paramount in the field of space development. This slogan, which expresses the philosophy and thoughts of the top management that continues to take on new challenges, inheriting the spirit of the founder who has been involved in space development for over 60 years, is our corporate identity. From the land of Kyushu, we will disseminate world-shaking technologies and thereby change the world for the better. Based on this corporate identity, iQPS will open up the future as a Q-shu Pioneers of Space.


Expand the possibilities of space and contribute to the development of the world.

There are rules and principles in the space, different from those on the earth.
That means, there lays an unknown territory where we, humankind have never been.
In order to expand the possibilities in this infinite space and make our earth a better place, iQPS is working hard to develop new technologies and their applications with high aspirations and highly inquisitive minds.


iQPS exists in order to excite people and to contribute to the development of the world by tackling Essential and Original things and matters to expand the possibilities of the space by the Crazy way of thinking.

  1. 01Essential

    We focus on expanding the possibilities of the space and targeting the things and matters which are really necessary for development of society as well as the earth rather than commercial gain.

  2. 02Original

    There is no need to do what has been achieved or done by somebody else already.
    We only find it the worth challenging when it is unknown or unprecedented.

  3. 03Crazy

    We create a new world which can thrill, surprise and excite ourselves and people all over the world, free from existing frameworks and technologies, with creative and truly original way of thinking like a child.
    We call such mind as “Crazy” in a good sense.


Establish the space industry in Kyushu

It is the mission inherited from the founder.
In 2014, Shunsuke Onishi, a pupil of the founder, assumed the position of president at QPS Institute, carrying on their shared aspirations. With the aim of "enroot the space industry in Kyushu," Onishi decided to utilize the inherited small satellite development technology to attract human resources to Kyushu and boost space industry of Kyushu by launching an attractive satellite project, which is still unprecedented in the world, and started miniaturizing SAR satellites.
Finally, we, iQPS has achieved success in the development of the small SAR satellite, named "QPS-SAR". Currently, we are advancing a project utilizing 36 of these satellites to observe the Earth in near real-time. iQPS continues to pursue business expansion in collaboration with partner companies mainly in northern Kyushu, as we strive for the advancement of the space industry.


Here, we have envisioned a vision of the world beyond the satellite project we are currently working on – the world we see when we have accomplished our mission.

To make Japan the birthplace of space innovation from Q-shu.
To liberate the world from uncertainty and anxiety, and sustain its daily life through satellites.