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The thrill
of surprising the world.

CEOShunsuke Onishi

CEO Shunsuke Onishi

Our corporate mission is to "expand the possibilities of space and contribute to the development of the world." With the three values of Essential, Original, and Crazy as our core philosophy, at iQPS Inc. we are striving to realize real-time Earth observation using a small Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite constellation, a system that has never before been put into practice. This endeavor requires the integration of knowledge and experience in not only space, but in various other fields. To achieve such integration, we actively are exchanging opinions on the development of that proposed system between young and older employees and also with our business partners. We hope that we would share the excitement of seeing a product in which you were engaged working into the realm of space. Join us and let's make a splash in the world of space from Fukuoka.

Let's discover
a new frontier together.

COOToshimitsu Ichiki

CEO Toshimitsu Ichiki

Space is full of unknowns. This means that everything we do is a "world's first" or "unprecedented." Therefore, everything will constantly be new to you, ranging from the development of a not-yet-existing satellite to the establishment of a world-changing space infrastructure or business. We are looking for people who can get excited from the bottom of their hearts about setting a new direction and discovering a new frontier in uncharted areas of research and development. We are a team who are honest, ambitious and always willing to learn something new, and highly motivated to make a better world, with confident skills. We can't wait to meet new members who will shake the world with us.