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Satellite Software Engineer (Lead Engineer)

We would be happy to discuss the interview format (online or in person) with you as needed.
And we can also be flexible regarding the timing of your entry into the team.
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Recruit Information

Contract type
Permanent employee
Number of new hire
Job description
Develop satellite software for iQPS's SAR satellite constellation and specialized SAR missions.
[Technical details]
R&D for satellite software and its software platform to utilize various kinds of embedded devices on the satellite.
・Develop middleware and firmware to work with space components
・Software platform development and improvement to improve the efficiency
Required skills and qualifications
■Required Skills and Qualifications
・Embedded software R&D experience for more than 5 yeas in satellite, robot or IoT fields
・Expert at C/C++
・Knowledge about telecommunication and electoric engineering
・Experience of team leader with 5 or more people
・FPGA development
・Ruby/Python script languages
・UnitTest framework
・English/Japanese communication
・ML and Image processing experience
Application documents
Background for recruitment
iQPS has successfully developed the small radar satellite QPS-SAR, which provides SAR image with the world’s best class resolution and image quality even at night and/or in bad weather. iQPS aims to establish 36 QPS-SAR satellite constellation which enables to observe almost anywhere in the world at average intervals of 10 minutes. Most recently, QPS-SAR-5 "TSUKUYOMI-I" was launched on December 15, 2023, and we are currently operating 2 commercial satellites and has started data sales business.
In addition, we are planning to expand our factory to mass produce satellites and will accelerate the construction of the satellite constellation by setting up a system to increase production from the current 4 to 10 per year in fiscal 2024.
We are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market on December 6, 2023, and as we aim to further expand our business, we are looking for a person for R&D satellite software development.
We look forward to hearing from you who are interested in creating new value for the world by applying your skills and experience in the field of Space development for the project of building a constellation of small SAR satellites.
Fukuoka city
・4,000,000 JPY~7,000,000 JPY
・Including fixed overtime (40 hours/month)
■No bonus
・125 leaves in year (2 days off per week: Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)
・Annual Paid leaves
・Special leave for weddings and funerals
Company welfare
・Health insurance
・Welfare annuity insurance
・Employment insurance
・Workmen's compensation insurance
・Commuting allowance (subject to company rule; maximum 30,000 JPY/month)
・No retirement benefits
Working hours
■Super flextime system
・General rule 8 hours per day