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QPS-SAR-8 to launch on Transporter-11 mission with SpaceX

Fukuoka, JAPAN – April 16, 2024- Institute for Q-shu Pioneers of Space, Inc. (iQPS) announced the its SAR satellite, QPS-SAR-8, named “AMATERU-Ⅳ” will be launched to a Sun-synchronous orbit (SSO), during SpaceX’s upcoming Transporter-11 mission no earlier than July 2024.

“We are extremely encouraged that SpaceX, which successfully and smoothly launched QPS-SAR-7 in April, will be our launch provider for QPS-SAR-8,” said Shunsuke Onishi, CEO of iQPS, Inc. “The launch of QPS-SAR-8 is a little later than we had originally announced last year, but thanks to SpaceX’s high frequency launch services, we can proceed without any major impact on our business. It is essential to secure a reliable means of transportation to space in order to build a satellite constellation. We will continue to work vigorously to steadily launch satellites.”

<About QPS-SAR Project>

QPS-SAR is an innovative small SAR satellite built by iQPS. iQPS developed a large deployable antenna (patented) with high storage capacity and light weight (10 kg). The antenna enables the satellite to emit strong radio waves, and led to the successful development of the QPS-SAR, high-resolution small SAR satellite, which is 1/20th the weight and 1/100th the cost of conventional SAR satellites. Currently three commercial satellites are in operation, and iQPS aims to build a constellation of 24 satellites by FY2027, and eventually a constellation of 36 satellites to provide “Near-Real-Time Data Provisioning Service” enabling the observation of specific regions almost anywhere in the world at an average interval of 10 minutes.